Torrid Games(TG), established in 2011, initially launched with the game title “SurfGod” for iOS. This game gained attention for its innovative approach, offering a meditative surfing experience aimed at both surfers and non-surfers. In collaboration with oceanic pollution cleanup organizations like Heal the Bay, Torrid Games developed a free version of SurfGod, achieving 20,000 downloads, reflecting the game’s impact and the company’s commitment to raising awareness about oceanic pollution.

A VR/AR sequel, SurfGod 2 (SG2), was submitted to the NSF for a large scale grant in which our project-pitch was accepted and are currently revising our full SBIR proposal to be considered for a PHASE I grant award.

SG2 is an ambitious project envisioned as a Virtual Reality surfing app initially with subsequent version on all major devices, surfaces, and computers. This app aims to broaden its impact, targeting a diverse customer base including environmentally conscious individuals, educational entities, gamers, families, corporate clients, museums, aquariums, and accessibility-focused groups. This innovative VR app intends to enhance public awareness about oceanic pollution, aligning with Torrid Games’ mission to create engaging, message-driven gaming experiences.

Torrid Games’ broader vision, under the leadership of founder Matt Fairweather, is to establish itself as a leading developer of AAA titles that are not only entertaining but also contribute to global environmental awareness. The company plans to expand the SG2 experience across various platforms, including mobile phones, tablets, and computers, ensuring accessibility and reach. Torrid Games is planning to organize larger events, bring SG2 to existing events, and leverage social media for greater visibility and sponsorship opportunities.

TG is planning and upcoming event with major sponsorship, an panel of eco/oceanic experts in a variety of disciplines and artforms, an awareness video, keynote speaker, with videos of the SurfGod HtB iOS app and the development process. Additionally, TG will discuss the vision and intended deepening impact of the sequel.