SurfGod secret character

There’s a visual issue in the current version of SurfGod.  The secret character is not unlocked with a score of 4000+ — you unlock this avatar as indicated in the ‘i’ screen.  This is the constraint for the “SurfGod HtB” special character.  Making this fix and there also is apparently some issues with the achievements totem..we are fixing that as well!

Help System (‘i’ icon at home screen)

We are refining the help-system and also in the final stages of adding some new, exciting features.  Please give us your feedback/questions.  Also, there will be a new, extended tutorial video coming shortly with music by Root Chakar!

[ 1.9.13: Sorry for the delay… SurfGod v1.3 has a new due date of 1.31.13.  THANKS! ]

SurfGod V1.2 released!

A few changes in the latest version.

The most notable one is probably the 2 audio-modes from which to choose.  At the start screen, press the caduceus[ ☤ ] for meditation-mode or the musical-note[ ♫ ] for ipod-mode.   Every start-up you can change to whichever you like.

Thanks and enjoy.  :)

Sleep/meditation Vs. iPod background music

SurfGod’s audio runs in a mode that enables the sounds to persist when your device is in locked/sleep mode — this is essential for sleep/meditate mode.  Some people have expressed an interest in having their own background music when the SurfGod’s music is muted.  These two things do not co-exist trivially with the latest version of iOS unfortunately.  Do you have any ideas on this?