Help System (‘i’ icon at home screen)

We are refining the help-system and also in the final stages of adding some new, exciting features.  Please give us your feedback/questions.  Also, there will be a new, extended tutorial video coming shortly with music by Root Chakar!

[ 1.9.13: Sorry for the delay… SurfGod v1.3 has a new due date of 1.31.13.  THANKS! ]

SurfGod V1.2 released!

A few changes in the latest version.

The most notable one is probably the 2 audio-modes from which to choose.  At the start screen, press the caduceus[ ☤ ] for meditation-mode or the musical-note[ ♫ ] for ipod-mode.   Every start-up you can change to whichever you like.

Thanks and enjoy.  :)

Sleep/meditation Vs. iPod background music

SurfGod’s audio runs in a mode that enables the sounds to persist when your device is in locked/sleep mode — this is essential for sleep/meditate mode.  Some people have expressed an interest in having their own background music when the SurfGod’s music is muted.  These two things do not co-exist trivially with the latest version of iOS unfortunately.  Do you have any ideas on this?