SurfGod HtB is the FREE version of SurfGod produced in association with Heal the Bay.  Just by playing it you will be helping with it’s message.  There are in-app purchases that also help Heal the Bay & Torrid Games continue what they are doing.

SurfGod is a meditative, surfing app for the iPhone/iPad/iPod-touch.  It immerses you in the waves at any time or place whether you are too busy to get in the ocean, do not surf, or are just too far from the beach.  Heal The Bay is assisting us with bringing SurfGod to the world — thank you HtB for your support and your service in the Santa Monica Bay!

Here is what some are saying about SurfGod:

by SkinnyLynnie1, “SurfGod – Cure for the Common Cold?”: “This may be (finally) a cure for the common cold.  Nothing else has improved my disposition as much as this.  And I swear I am coughing less. Relaxing? Um, yah.”

by Tayzmania: “This is an amazing game as well as a meditation.  I have surfed the planet for 45+ years and I love this game.  Love the buda and the chakras.  The tutorial has a feel like an ancient Rosetta stone.  There is no game like this.  It’s more than a game.  It’s LIFE.”

by danielthechannel: “Love the look and feel of it.  So meditative.  Great sounds as well.  Really relaxing and fun.  Even when I wipe out, I don’t actually care cuz it’s so much fun to get back on the board and start again :)”



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Meditative Surfing App Now Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – June 11, 2012 – Torrid Games brings the surfing experience to all whom wish to feel the glide for which surfers live in its debut app, SurfGod™, now available on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch from the App Store. SurfGod puts surfing and all of the beautiful sights and sounds of the beach, ocean and its wildlife into the palm of the hand.

With a fun, intuitive tutorial to guide the player through the basic elements of surfing, SurfGod features an elegant, symbolic interface with minimal load times so users can come and go as they wish. Casual players can simply ride down the line of the wave or go into the meditation or sleep modes to relax even deeper. Seasoned surfers or aspiring surfers can get into the more involved elements of surfing including catching air, doing spin and flip tricks on the wave-face or in the air, getting barreled, doing a floater and achieving combo moves. The player’s energetic state is reflected with the ancient, mystical symbols of the caduceus, chakras, merkaba and mandalas.