Sleep/meditation Vs. iPod background music

SurfGod’s audio runs in a mode that enables the sounds to persist when your device is in locked/sleep mode — this is essential for sleep/meditate mode.  Some people have expressed an interest in having their own background music when the SurfGod’s music is muted.  These two things do not co-exist trivially with the latest version of iOS unfortunately.  Do you have any ideas on this?

5 thoughts on “Sleep/meditation Vs. iPod background music

  1. Here’s what we propose(please let us know your thoughts):

    In the upcoming version(V1.2), at the opening screen there could be 2 icons:
    {(iPod), (Buddha)}.
    This would allow you to select your audio-mode.

    (Buddha): This is the default and it is the current mode in V1.1. This mode is the best for meditation/sleep mode.

    (iPod): This would be a new mode. You would have to tap this icon at start-up to go into this mode. In this mode, if your device’s screen goes to sleep then all SurfGod processing(including meditation/sleep) would be suspended.

  2. Looks like that should please everyone. I prefer to play my own music usually from the songza app while playing a surfing game. It appears that a lot went into this app visually as much as musically, so it seems to me that the focus would tend to users who want an audio/visual experience combined. So having the ability to play my own music while surfing is really relaxing to me. Everyone has there own audio taste so I think the option you are about to implement should be well received. I expect that I’ll be able to play my own music with the Sfx of the game still though. Like the splashing of the waves and such. I look forward to revisiting this app once the update goes live. Till than, “infinite surf” serves me well.

    • Thanks for the invaluable input Travis. We decided against doing this in the initial release because as you stated there’s a combined audio/visual thing going on with this app that is hard to decouple without losing the entire essence. Then there was also the meditation/sleep issues with iPod-mode. We hope you and others with similar needs are happy with the next update(already submitted to Apple QA).

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